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New Faculty Orientation

To improve the effect of training, according to new faculties' feedback, the orientation continued the menu-type course system of "compulsory + optional course", further optimized the content and innovate training style. The content module included: improvement of teaching ability, career planning, policy of faculty development, comprehensive qualities development and so on. The style of courses contained “Thematic Workshops”, "Great Teachers Face to Face", "Micro-class demonstration" and emphasized the interaction between the speakers and the new faculty. New faculty are given the freedom to choose the courses.

From March to  July 2015, Office of Personnel and Center for Faculty Development jointly organized the 69th Orientation for New Faculty of BIT. 73new faculties from 21 schools and departments attended this orientation. Besides that, the network courses were arranged by Beijing City, while face-to-face courses and teaching communication was arranged by BIT.